Taking a closer Look at Community Based Adult Learning

Session held Mondy 29th August 2022

Speakers/ Facilitators

  • Lynn Tett, Edinburgh University
  • Oonagh McGarry
  • Clare Harper, WEA
  • Sue Briggs, Aberdeenshire Council


This event was created to allow space for presentation, dialogue, reflection and information sharing at a time when community based adult learning is prominent in the CLD sector. We were fortunate to have Professor Lyn Tett from the University of Edinburgh join us – Professor Tett is a well-known researcher, writer and academic in the world of CLD. 

The online event was open to staff and volunteers from all partner organisations in the Aberdeenshire Learning Communities Partnership (ALCP) and has been funded through the Education Scotland award for CBAL in Aberdeenshire. It is seen as very relevant in relation to our Workforce Development priority in our CLD Plan and will contribute to participant learning against the backdrop of CLD Standards Council competency development.


Link to view the recording of the session

Literature Review

Lyn Tett Presentation

Education Scotland Presentation

Feedback from the session