Family Learning


What is Community Based Adult Learning

A Guide to accessing Community Based Adult Learning for Disabled People

Struggling with Employment?

A new year, a new start, we offer a free all age, service for anyone living in Aberdeenshire.

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Caring Within the Family

Together: A Whole Family Approach for Young Carers

Parents have the single biggest influence on their children’s development, learning and achievement. The role of the parent is supported locally by Adult Learning Community Learning and Development (CLD) team, in partnership with teachers, other professional and parents themselves.

Principles of Family Learning

Family learning can take place anywhere. It supports learning taking place in school and parents are probably doing it without even realising. Learning together in everyday situations might include reading, writing, numbers, money, and health and wellbeing. It might also support social skills such as teamwork, resilience and building confidence.

Parental Involvement and Engagement Strategy (2018-2021)

There is support available for parents. Teachers can advise and parents can engage with our CLD team for some support with their own learning or if they are keen to arrange some tailored sessions in localities for a group of parents.



Family Learning is:

family members learning together in everyday situations, and can include reading, writing, numbers, money, and health and wellbeing

about life and social skills such as, teamwork, resilience and building confidence

about positive relationships within the family

about positive relationships with the school

being more connected to your community

a good way to support your child’s learning and can support your learning as a parent

a way to lead to other adult learning and training 

Below are some resources to support Family Learning

Click to Download: Family Learning Definition.ppt (PDF)

Click to Download: Family Learning: what does it mean for me and my child.ppt (PDF)

Click to Download: Family Learning Opportunities.ppt (PDF)

Click to Download: Family Learning DP Cards.ppt (PDF)

Our top tips for family learning are:

  • Talk to your child about how much things cost and learn to set a budget
  • Talk with your child about jobs, dreams and goals
  • Encourage your child to get involved in your community
  • Encourage your child to cope with setbacks and to keep trying when things are difficult – to build resilience
  • Encourage imaginative play and interactive play
  • Support your child to de-stress by taking up a range of hobbies
  • Research a topic or place of interest, using the internet or library
  • Use word puzzles and board games to reinforce reading, writing and maths
  • Encourage your child to make independent decisions – choosing clothes, deciding on a new hobby
  • Encourage your child to help around the home – cook a meal, set the table, plant seeds
  • Visit places of interest to you and your child: seaside, library, adventure park, castle
  • Make something together – such as a cake, bird feeder or kite
  • Create your own stories as a family
  • Be a learning role model – learn something for you
  • Share rhymes, stories or songs with your child
  • Read with your child and encourage independent reading
  • Use maths in everyday situations, such as cooking, for measures and time