CLD Plan 2018-2021

The second Aberdeenshire CLD Plan was published in 2018, and identifies the four strategic improvement priorities identified by the range of partners involved in delivering CLD.

The plan has been produced by ALCP and is for everyone involved in the delivery of community learning and community development in Aberdeenshire.

Mid Term Review of CLD Plan 2018- 2021 ( March 2020)

CLD Plan 2015-18

The Four Priorities

The CLD partners recognise the complexity of the current CLD landscape and have worked to ensure that the CLD Plan itself does not duplicate existing structures and mechanisms. This three year plan takes a positive approach to build and improve on what is already working and has identified four key Improvement Priorities where we as a CLD Partnership can work together to improve outcomes:

i) Develop an effective CLD Partnership through the Aberdeenshire Learning Communities Partnership and 17 Local Learning Community Partnerships.

ii) Collaborate for Positive Learner Transitions.

iii) Involve learners and communities in shaping and co-designing services ā€“ from engagement to empowerment.

iv) Develop the workforce ā€“ joint professional learning and development opportunities for the paid and voluntary CLD workforce.


Links between the CLD Plan and LCPs Improvement Priorities

One of the challenges we will need to respond to is making the links between the local and the strategic. The published plan does not include specific outcome indicators, but the attached document may be helpful for local partners when considering potential outcome indicators for local priorities.

CLD Plan 2015-18

CLD Plan outcomes