Forming a Local LCP

The following guide is based on the experience of the Fraserburgh Pathfinder. You do not have to use all of the materials in the same format – but this should give an idea of  what has been done before.

Raising Awareness

The first thing is to talk to key stakeholders and to have a chat with them about the concept and invite them along to an initial meeting to form the Partnership. This simple check-list can help you to draw up a list of the people you would like to see round the table and some of the ground to cover in the initial meeting.

Partner Template

Introductory format from Pathfinder

Agreeing Priorities

It is advisable to focus on one or two key Improvement Priorities to begin with – this was the clear message that HMIe inspectors gave us when they positively reviewed the Fraserburgh Pathfinder.

It has been agreed that all of the LLCP’s will include learner and community engagement as one of their key priorities.  As the model below shows, this is built into out Continuous Improvement Cycle.

cycle model

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